March 10, 2012

I'm moving!

Okay, this might get a little bit messy....but I've decided to make the great backwards leap to blogger, because I hate the heck out of movable type and can't stand using it. I've been playing around with blogger at my other two blogs and it's just so much easier to deal with. The new version of this blog is all transferred and set up and can be found at -- this front page will get redone pretty soon to reflect the change but if you find yourself here just click on that link. If you subscribe, you can go ahead and subscribe to the new feed right here; but I'll be setting up redirects that should make the switch for you in the next day anyway. See you soon!

August 14, 2008

Super Martian Robot Girl on dvd!

gabbadvd.jpg The first Yo Gabba Gabba! dvd, Yo Gabba Gabba: Dance Dance Bunch, is scheduled for an October release and apparently will include two of the Super Martian Robot Girl segments we worked on! The episode "Dance" has the "Dance Party" story, and "Happy" has the "Pink Baby" story (which is one of Emily's favorites -- and adapts the creature from the original live-action pilot). It's exciting to see it getting released! Not as exciting as seeing season two on the air, though...

April 22, 2008

what got me through

I had a hellish deadline to hit (as in, NO SLEEP 'TIL UPLOADING) and I don't know how I lived. Here's some of what got me through:


a little (okay, a BIG) pick-me-up on the gawker blog Jezebel (which I would never have seen if Emily hadn't noticed a link to it in the sidebar on lifehacker when I was looking for something)

Lykke Li

Divine Chocolate fruit and nut bar (a favor from a friend's wedding this past weekend - Emily got dark chocolate and Evan got Milk Hazelnut, we love them!)

knowing that these shoes were on their way to me:


and now, I sleep.

March 28, 2008

odds and ends and Go Gabba Gabba!

uploaded to flickr by dictioncanary

A few bits of news -- as those of you who read Evan's blog already know, we are working on season 2 of Yo Gabba Gabba! Yay!!! Not sure what our contributions will amount to yet, but we are at least doing some writing. So that is fun.

Speaking of which, the Aquabats/DJ Lance show back in February was awesome, and Emily had a fantastic time! See loads of photos (not mine) right here.

We finally had an actual snow day (at last! a real pile of snow!), it was lots of fun. I think it was the first snow man ever for all three of us, Emily being just 3, I having grown up in Florida, and Evan...well, I don't know what his excuse is! Here are our snow creatures - a snow man, snow puppy, and two snow bunnies. The snow puppy and small snow bunny are Emily's (with help).

The day after we made those, we headed into Manhattan for a meeting (rescheduled because of the snow), amazingly got free parking on Park Ave and on the way back to the car stumbled into fun! Evan said to me, "Hey, look, Scandinavia House" and I said "they have a kid's playroom! It's supposed to be cool!" We went and it turned out we were they on the one day they allow non-members into the kid's playrooms. $5 per kid, parents free. And totally worth it! Emily was in heaven going crazy for the Pippi and Moomin stuff, as well as the Icelandic fairytale landscape in the main room. (The kid's center got written up just a few weeks later in the New Yorker.) Emily wanted to eat at the cafe so we'll probably be heading back soon!

September 21, 2007

a quick YGG! note

new episodes next week! details here.

We're currently heading out to take advantage of this little bit of Indian Summer...see you soon!

September 11, 2007

nerds with kids...

is a new site/blog that is, well, as they say: "devoted to that most rare of demographics: the geek who has procreated."

And we are officially nerds, as we've just been interviewed by them!

In honor of our official nerdiness, I'd like to revisit a few projects that qualify me as a nerd parent:

the boba fett dress!
boba jumper

the astro-bib!

and the brobee dress!
the brobee dress!

July 29, 2007

Yo Gabba Goodness!


For those of you interested in YGG, especially if you have little ones in the house, Nick Jr already has their Yo Gabba Gabba! web section up! There are clips, a Brobee game, coloring pages and...if you have a color printer WHICH I DO NOT you can print out t-shirt transfers and masks of all five monsters! (I do think it's lame that you can't download them, just print them...I'm sure there's a workaround for that though). See supposedly home-made Brobee tee above.

Indoctrinate your children now!

July 25, 2007

Yo! It's Gabba Gabba time!

As Evan has posted, what has kept us so busy lately is a job on Yo Gabba Gabba!, a show for pre-schoolers that will be debuting August 20th on Nick Jr. You may remember my posting about this ages ago a few times, little did I suspect we'd end up contributing to it in any way! We had originally done some design work for a live-action segment, but the bit turned into an animated segment, so now we're doing all the character designs, backgrounds and key poses as well as semi-storyboarding it. Pretty fun, if hectic. There are two big reasons we are thrilled to be working on this show:

1 - Christian Jacobs, the co-creator, is a long-time friend of ours. We are all mad excited to be working together on something finally, we originally met because we were going to work together on something years and years ago. I'd like to add that Christian is truly Super-Rad, of all the friends and acquaintances of ours who ever said "hey, if my show gets picked up I want you to work on it!" he is the only one who ever actually called us up to work. YOU RULE CHRISTIAN!

2 - we love it! if we had nothing to do with it, if we didn't know anyone involved, we would be crazy about this and dying to watch it with Emily. It is so much fun, and has so many 80s references both visually and musically...DJ Lance Rock looks like he escaped from the Groove Is In the Heart video, for one thing. As it is, we are nuts about everything we've been lucky enough to see so far...and so is Emily. Of course we are most excited to see our drawings come to life, but everything we see is really cool. And for those of you who don't have a little one, the bands alone are worth tuning in for. I mean, Cornelius! Wow!

Anyway, don't take my word for it, get a taste of it for yourself:

Learn more:
YGG Production blog
E! sneak peek (with Tony Hawk)

And we hope you'll tune in on Monday, August 20th!

June 08, 2007

we're heading to toronto!

heeyah! finally, we can announce that we (Evan, myself and Emily) will be appearing at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this August. we're pretty excited to be making the trip and also excited by the guest list - what an amazing line-up! If you have any shot at being near Toronto in late August, check it out, whether you want to see us or not -- it's free!!

March 23, 2006

Welcome to Eltingville

The [adult swim] special (a.k.a. failed pilot) "Welcome To Eltingville" is up on You Tube now, for all those who never got a chance to see it. I'm posting it here because it can't be put on Evan's LJ...if you want to watch it, click below!

Warning absolutely no cuteness ahead. At all. Also, it's about 23 minutes, and kind of LOUD.

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October 14, 2005

"sisterhood, riot grrl and the next wave"

That's the name of the upcoming symposium at Duke University on "the power and relevance of primary materials to the history and future of feminism". And because one of the topics being covered is girl zine history, there will be a large exhibit of zines and other works, many from my collection, on display, and I will be a guest speaker! I'll be participating in the "Modes and Methods of Feminist Publishing" session on Thursday. We've been so busy I'm a litle out of the loop on what else is going to be going on there, but it looks pretty interesting and it's free, so if you are for some reason in the area, check it out!




One Fabric - WOOL Medium


How Cold Is NYC?