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Welcome to Eltingville

The [adult swim] special (a.k.a. failed pilot) "Welcome To Eltingville" is up on You Tube now, for all those who never got a chance to see it. I'm posting it here because it can't be put on Evan's LJ...if you want to watch it, click below!

Warning absolutely no cuteness ahead. At all. Also, it's about 23 minutes, and kind of LOUD.

Lovely things people have had to say:

Oh, my God. I think that actually had more shouting than ZIM. It's great to see Evan's stuff moving though! Hope you get another show!


Well, I watched it through -- at first I was kicking myself trying to watch it on my ultra-slow PC, but then I realized I could take the time (when the picture froze) to read all the little Elders on the walls -- "SLG", "All your base are belong to us", "Rashomonster -- no one knows how Tokyo was destroyed!" and so on. Great fun!

i think the loyal minions are little cuties!

You think that it's loud? Try being in the studio, where the 4 leads recorded together. LOUD. The guy who played Josh was spitting all over the guy who played Bill, we had to move him!!

And okay, the minions are cute. And there's probably other cute stuff too. I guess I lied! ^_^

If anyone else has a slowish connection -- just hit pause and wait for the whole thing to load. If you use firefox you can also get the extension for downloading flash stuff and just save it to your harddrive and watch it later!

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