Hey there, and welcome to my intro page, totally non-updated since the last site.

Originally, this site was intended to be a place for me to encompass several things I wanted to do - I'd been doing cooking and craft articles for years in the various zines and websites I've worked on (I even started a cooking zine in the late 80s and did an entire issue of different meatloaf recipes before deciding no-one would care and throwing it out!). A lot of times the more domestic d.i.y. articles got really buried in amongst all the other stuff. So I wanted to have a place to focus more on those things. Also, I wanted to pull some of the D.I.Y. info over from the Action Girl section of our main site, and maybe keep a little journal about our work and doings at the same time.

But oddly, I got sidetracked away from the more domestic stuff over time! So now I'm trying to bring the focus back, but this time I'm making it easier on myself by making one big giant bloggy thing that pulls it all together.

Me? I'm a writer/artist/mostly writer who is spending most of her time chasing our baby daughter around the house right now. You can find out more about me at our main site, the House of Fun. And I'll probably write some more about myself here after I finish straightening this site out. Hmm...hopefully before another 3 years is up!!

and now, some boring stuff:

All contents of this website are © 2002-2009 Sarah Dyer, unless otherwise specified. All rights are reserved. Technically and legally, it apparently matters that some of the content of this site derives from earlier work which appeared in print and on the House of Fun website. Also, even though I am fairly certain there are no longer any mentions of her, Action Girl and all related characters are ™ Sarah Dyer.

Linking policy—because people have both asked for permission to link, and apologized for not having done so, let me say this: link away, please, it's like, the whole point of the internet. In fact, I cannot believe how many sites and companies forbid it, but they do.

Why is this boring stuff here? To avoid putting this info anywhere else. ''s boring.




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