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spooky sneak peek!

Here's a little peek at the spoonflower order I just received:

spooky sneak peek!

It's one yard, printed with fabric panels that will become part of Emily's Halloween Costume! She has a costume party next weekend, so I may actually try and start this in the next day or two. We'll see.

I am super-pleased with the fabric - not just our design which came out exactly like I'd planned, but the fabric itself. I had it printed on the sateen and it is so much nicer than the quilting-quality cotton. More expensive, yes, but really it is that much nicer. They also somehow got this to me in mere days! I didn't expect it for at least another week, maybe longer. But boom! here it is. (Also included - a swatch of the new silk crepe de chine, which is lovely lovely lovely, but what on earth would I ever use it for?)

Can't wait to get started on Halloween!! And maybe some year I'll sew costumes for myself again!

Lovely things people have had to say:

Sarah, can't wait to see the fabric made up! :)

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