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spring sewing!

Spring is here, and it's time to get sewing! I've been needing to step up my sewing for myself this year, and I decided to take a stab at entering PR's "mini-wardrobe" contest. (Whatever happens, it seemed like a good chance to get a little motivation!) You have to sew four items that combine to make at least four outfits, and you have to do it in four weeks. I may have trouble with that last part, but...we'll see. An optional part of the contest is to make a design board showing your plan, and here is mine!

Spring 1953

All the patterns are from 1953, and I'm actually making the clothes in colors and textures you could have bought that year. I didn't set out to have a gimmick, but I fell in love with that Butterick pattern and wanted to make the blouse and cardigan before I even knew about the contest. The skirts I picked turned out to be from the same year, and the fabrics were even appropriate, so I decided to go with it!

I'm loving the fabrics -- the white is a rayon challis, very soft and comfortable; the cardigan is the new Polartec sweater knit fleece, just amazing in person; the plaid is a cotton seersucker, so summery and light; and the dark blue is a denim -- I had thought of going for linen but couldn't find the right color and didn't have time to shop online with swatches. The denim I have is very soft though, I think it'll work out really well. I hope so, anyway, I have it in black as well for a bonus copy of the skirt! Those pockets are going to be so useful, I think.

I'll be modernizing a bit -- no shoulder pads, shorter skirts, and skipping the gloves -- so it's a totally wearable wardrobe I can work with. As a bonus, two tops (also vintage) I have to finish up when it gets warm will also go with the dark blue skirt; I'm not sure I have anything else that'll go with the plaid seersucker but I can work on that later.

Like I said, I doubt I can get done in time to actually enter -- I haven't even begin to cut my fabric out, and the contest ends April 15th! I had hoped to be cracking on the skirts at least this past weekend, but life intervened. But I don't mind, I really need the clothes! And next, I'll be needing the accessories....that red belt at the very least!

Lovely things people have had to say:

Oh, wow. That is going to be a drop-dead beautiful ensemble. I especially like the plaid seersucker and the color combination with the cardigan. Out of curiosity, where did you find your rayon challis?

Thanks! The challis is from - I bought two colors and was really happy with both!

Of course you can get it done in time to enter. You really really should because it's adorable and lovely. I'm looking at the Advance pattern, is that a pin tucked bodice? Also really loving the batwing cardigan, I can't wait to see how that looks on you. I used to think they looked weird until I noticed that a lot of the vintage cardigans I admire were cut that way. I think it is the difference between drawings and reality. In this case, reality wins!

That 'simple-to-make' skirt is super cute, can't wait to see it made up. Good luck!

What a fabulous outfit, I love the colors. It's going to look gorgeous together.

Thanks everyone! If the wardrobe is half as cute in reality as it is in my imagination I'll be thrilled!

I will be very disappointed if we don't get to see pictures of you wearing these pieces. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

I love your storyboard! Wonderful pieces and fabric... I'm having my own doubts about finishing in time as well, but just like you I need the clothes anyway!

Sarah! How is the progress? It helps me to keep sewing if one of my students says "Hey, what about the such and such dress, is that finished?" So..

Hey Sarah, how about that 1953 Mini wardrobe? Is it coming along?

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