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a bewitching Feliz

So, the famous Feliz! I thought this pattern was stunning when I saw the first examples of it, but I wasn't sure what to do with it -- we have zero call for party dresses around here. But then I realized, I needed to make a dress for Emily's witch costume, and it would be perfect! Here is the result:

Bewitching Feliz

Bewitching Feliz

And here is the little witch making a "witch face":

Halloween Witch

That is not actually her complete outfit -- she is dressed up here for the Halloween party at her playgym (to which I wore this) I am making a heavy top for outdoor events, but I knew it would be a bit warm at the gym so I just put a black tee underneath. There's also a broom and a black cat around here somewhere....I should get complete outfit photos this weekend!

The Feliz is nowhere near as difficult to put together as it might look. There is a lot to do (especially if you go for the ruffled look and have to make and apply them all!), but if you go slowly and carefully it comes together very easily. I only did a few things differently: I hemmed the underskirt before assembling the dress; I basted the straps to the overdress before assembling; and I followed the suggestions here for adding the elastic into the side casings and adding interfacing to the back opening of the overdress. That was definitely necessary -- not only does it make the dress go on and off more easily, but it keeps the dress in place when the sash comes loose. Which will happen a lot, if your Feliz-wearer is like mine:

the witch at the playgym

The twirl on this dress is amazing. Emily is seriously enamored of it -- she insisted on wearing the dress right up until bedtime. So, I think there will be more Felizes in our future, whether or not we need any party dresses! The only things I would do differently: I would cut the overskirt longer and check the length before hemming, after assembly. I also might think about adding facings to the sides of the underdress, while it would make the dress even heavier there, I didn't like the wrong side of the fabric showing at the sides. Not a big deal, and if it wasn't all on black I probably wouldn't even notice. I also might make the whole thing a bit shorter since it will end up in the garden...but for now, we're just enjoying this witchy Feliz!

Halloween Witch

Lovely things people have had to say:

Yeah, I should totally check my emails before doing my morning web visits LOL!

That is one awesome Feliz! And Miss Emily is just the cutest little thing!!!! Is she feeling better?

I told Ellie that I'm making her Christmas dress with this pattern - her response was "With orange and black? Yuck! That's *Halloween*, not Christmas!" ROFLOL! I ordered my ruffler on Sunday; soon I can play, too!

Wow that is about the most fabulous little witchy dress ever - I love it!

that is seriously cute.

Oh wow! She looks adorable. That last photo is especially cute.

Phenominal!!I love it

It's fabulous! I love those ruffles.

thanks everyone!! we have another halloween event this weekend so maybe the whole outfit will be done by then! Well, if I can get her into long sleeves, that is....

Oh it's a perfect witch's dress! I'm glad Emily likes it. At least she'll wear that dress??? LOL

Holy socks, that is an adorable dress on an adorable child!

That dress is amazing, Sarah! Outstanding! Hope Emily is back on top - she certainly looks very convincing as the little witch! :)

That dress is adorable! And your daughter looks so cute in it!

so darn cute ,the dress and the babe!

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