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domo-kun + target = halloween happiness

domo is in the house!

They're starting to roll out the Halloween stuff at Target, and this year they're using Domo-kun as their mascot. No idea why, but since Emily loves Domo it was fun to find him there! Not much was out yet, but we did get a pencil case that had cute little candy bracelets in it; as well as a nasty mockolate candy game (I did not notice until we got home that it wasn't actually chocolate, merely "chocolaty". Grrr.)

Lovely things people have had to say:

He IS cute - I can understand why Emily loves him! I was wondering what kind of looks you were getting, when you got out your camera at target to take pictures of the Halloween-decoration? Or did you get Emily to do it? Or did you hide the camera in your purse? :D

We saw Domo at our Target as well and the kids immediately fell in love with him. Haven't bought anything yet, but it's still early...

Isn't that the worst? Expecting chocolate and ending up with "chocolate flavor"?! Ugh!

You know, the funny thing is that normally I dislike our local Target because they are such total slackers, the place is always a complete mess. But for once, it was to my benefit -- I had the camera right out and was snapping away, no-one even noticed!

And yeah, the fake chocolate -- not so nice!!

We made it down south... to Buffalo... in August, and found some Domo Back to School items, and I am a sucker for folders and notebooks, so we bought some of those up!

Guess we'll have to make another trip!

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