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I'm tapping out!

Well, I was in the final stretch of my Spring 1953 mini-wardrobe, and I thought I'd make the deadline (which kept moving -- 14th? 16th? No, it was the 15th). But last night I did exactly what I swore I wouldn't do -- I had a problem with my cardigan (which is otherwise coming out very cute and fits great) and in my attempt to rework the issue I made, um, a huge mistake.

Basically, the sweaterknit is just too bulky for any sort of facing approach. I attempted to add a band around the opening, which almost worked but is really just still too bulky for my taste. It looks pretty good, but I don't think I'll ever wear it if it leave it that way. Worst of all though....after applying the band, I trimmed it too far. I think I know how to fix it but I don't want to rush it again. If I'd thought for five minutes, I'd have realized that I should have just bound the raw edge, that would have worked perfectly! My new plan is to go with a contrasting band like the one in this similar pattern:


The good news is, the blouse and three new skirts are done! Here's some more pics of the blouse on its own:

Spring 1953 project: jewelry-necked blouse

Spring 1953 project: blouse buttons

And now I can get back to sewing for Emily (as she has hinted a few times that I really should just be doing that instead!)

Lovely things people have had to say:

Hey, you still have until midnight Thursday. Go for it!

Oh, I'm with you. But the real prize is that we made ourselves some fabulous clothes, right? Like we need a gift certficate for more fabric!

Hi! First thanks for your nice comment on my Mc Call blouse :) So here's yours, I think it's a beauty! Is that silk?

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