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happy birthday emily!


Can it really be two years ago today? To me it feels like either a week or an eternity, depending on the day and how tired I am....

We planned to go to the Central Park Zoo to see the polar bears and penguins (two of emily's absolute favorite animals) but the weather is hazy and icky so we're going to wait for the next nice day. Cake and presents later! For now, just all the fun a two-year-old can handle. (which is a lot. today, it feels like an eternity...)

Lovely things people have had to say:

Happy birthday AND happy new year!

Hi there-
i'm a long time reader and fan of your work, and happened upon your site today. i am a new mom as well, and my daughter Cassidy turned 1 on 12/30/06.
Happy Birthday to Emily and Happy new year! i will definitley come back and read your site more often :)
all the best

thanks JDP!!!

And Jenne - that is too funny that your daughter has the exact same birthday as Emily!! Happy birthday to her, too!

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