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the fairy ring

I finally dug out the molds and chocolate I had bought a while back to make these adorable chocolate mushrooms. Emily and I tried our hand at making them and here is our result!

chocolate mushrooms

It was our very first time making molded candies, and I was surprised that they came out looking at decent as they did. We definitely learned a lot...the colored chocolate (white, red and pink) was brushed into the molds first, then a nice thick layer of dark chocolate was put in. We filled them with strawberry-laced buttercream I had leftover and then assembled them.

chocolate mushrooms

Definitely not professional looking, but pretty cute. Unfortunately....they were unbearably sweet! None of us could get through more than about half of one and we have had no desire to repeat the experience. I think they'll be getting thrown out tonight. I might try them again, but fill them with something (relatively) lighter, like marshmallow fluff. But I think it'll be a while. They were fun to make, though, and we'll definitely be trying more molded chocolate one of these days! Just.....not so big. And not full of frosting.

Lovely things people have had to say:

These look way more delicious than they sounded on twitter. Why did I think you meant real mushrooms stuffed with chocolate?

Woah, I am a total sugar fiend, and I could see how these might be a bit much... though amazingly cute!! I've never tried anything like this with chocolate, just the more simple molds.

Fantastic Job!

Adorable! You could freeze them and save them for cake decorations...

Yaa those came out cute!!!!! They sound yum too, these must have been so fun to make!

Some how I missed the too sweet part at first, which does rather suck. I wonder if something tart in the center would be the key?

Freezing would be a great idea... also, maybe filling them with something more mousse-like? Mmm!

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