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tying one on again!

I haven't made an apron for Tie One On in ages (we didn't need any more!) but it's time to make some more -- for the growing creature that is my child, and also eventually for myself as I wear them out. So, I decided to take on the No$$ challenge and make something for Emily that would actually be big enough! And here's the result:

emily's squirrel apron

The front fabric is some Japanese craft canvas I bought maybe a year ago from a seller who neglected to tell me it was it sat and sat. The lining is some leftover white cotton or poly/cotton that I think originally lined a dress. And all the notions came out of my leftover notions bag -- when you make tiny dresses, you never use up the whole pack of rick-rack or ribbon! The colors are so cheery:

emily's squirrel apron

And I love the little squirrels who look like they're running down the paths!!

emily's squirrel apron

When it was done, it was heavier than I expected, but she's worn it a few times with no complaints! Now I just wish I had enough to make one for me!

Lovely things people have had to say:

That's just great - such sweet fabric! I'm going to go check Tie One On now - sounds like a good small project to get me going - as soon as I drag my machine back out!

So precious! You know, I just never use aprons (or baby bibs, for that matter), but I love the idea of them, and wish I would use them!

However, I'm in the process of making a nursing "apron" (aka Hooter Hider knock off), and maybe if I get used to wearing *that*, aprons could follow???

Have a wonderful day, sweetie!

love that squirrely print! and the rick rack detailing is gorgeous!

This makes me want to go play Animal Crossing really bad. But no! I will work. Worky work. *sigh*

"I'd rather be fishing! (on my couch)" is my new imaginary bumpersticker.

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