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happy valentine's day (weekend)!

happy valentine's day!

Hope you all had a good weekend, Valentine-y or not. We had fun, lots of valentine's and these cupcakes. Emily found the sprinkles at Target and loved them, so she and I made cupcakes Saturday! I have to admit, I don't love the recipe I used (I don't make cupcakes that often, so I haven't been able to try many recipes, and so far none of them are keepers). It's for chocolate-banana cake and while it sounded good in theory, not so great in practice. Really I should have remembered that I have a red velvet recipe stashed somewhere I've been meaning to try -- that would have looked perfect!

Well, there are a lot of sprinkles left, so....more sweetie cupcakes soon, I think!

happy valentine's day!

Lovely things people have had to say:

Egads, Sarah. Does every photo you take of food have to be so intense? ;_; (seriously, looks great)

Wow, I think they look like they taste heavenly. Happy Valentine's day to you as well! :)

The tiny heart sprinkles are adorable! I love that first photo. Definitely intense.

Ya know, it's not like I'm not already craving chocolate, yet you have found a way to make it worse LOL! Those look fabulous - how did you do that frosting???

I'm SO going to have to take cake decorating classes...

Sarah! What a "treat" to come to your blog and see this great cupcake! Thank you so much for solving my puzzle. I tried to make this an easy one! You will be eligible for a chance to win.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my stories and leaving comments that bring a smile to my day! Elizabeth

Sarah! You won my little pegdoll! She will be on her way if there is an address to use. Please e-mail me at
Thank you so much for playing and you kind comments! Elizabeth

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