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cool find: felt slippers

Emily, who grows like a pernicious weed, recently grew out of the slippers she got just a little over a month ago. Sadly, I couldn't get them in a bigger size (they were pink, with scottie dogs, and she loooved them) as slippers are pretty much selling out everywhere at this point. So I went slipper hunting on Amazon and turned up these adorable felt slippers!! Here are just two of them:



too rich for my blood ($64 for toddler slippers? Maybe if she didn't grow out of everything every 4 months!) but how incredibly cool! The company's own site is a bit glitchy for me, but it looks like the slippers have different designs on the right and left slippers - too bad amazon doesn't have photos of both.

(And what did I get her? She picked out some fleece slippers with penguins on them. Very cute and a better price for something she'll only wear for 3 or so months!)

Lovely things people have had to say:

Those are adorable but WAY too pricey. I'm actually REALLY thinking about trying to make some for K from a pattern I found online. I really like the embellishments though and am more inspired at the moment :)

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