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Emily's first bento!

So today I had a monster of a dental appt (why? because: if you have genetically weak teeth which have been weakened further by environmental factors; strong jaw muscles and bones; and you clench your jaws at night when you are can break your own teeth) which was going to last through lunch time. And Emily, being in a huge growth spurt, cannot miss her meals. So...perfect opportunity to make her a cute(ish) bento! Nothing super-exciting but it was fun anyway. Here's the box:

hello kitty bento box

We bought her this on our Girl's Day excursion to Mitsuwa. If I could have justified it somehow I'd have bought another for myself. And here's how I packed it:

emily's first bento!

the top layer holds grapes, strawberries and pancakes cut into flowers and hearts. The bottom layer holds macaroni and cheese plus some sauteed green beans. It's not too fancy because it was pretty last-minute, but I think it's pretty fun anyway, and so did she. Hopefully I won't have to crack another tooth to make her another lunch!

Lovely things people have had to say:

How cute is THAT? Will you please, please tell me where you found it? My youngest, Claire, will be starting Kindergarten in August, and she would so love it!

So cute! And as a fellow tooth grinder, I sympathize.

Oh, I love it! I can't wait for Max to be old enough for a bento box of his own.

Good luck with you teeth ... I did that once -- went through a really stressful time, put a hairline crack in my back molar, and wound up having to have a root canal. Yuck.

Yay, what a great bento! Everything looks soooo yummy, especially the mac & cheese. I love the pancake shapes. What a lucky day for Emily. :)

ha ha! Lucky for Emily, not so lucky for me...the good news is, I actually just recracked work on teeth I'd cracked before. So no "real" damage, no new root canal in my future. the bad news is, it's enough that I have to go back next month for another monster session. Oh well, lots of time to plan another bento!

omigosh where did you buy that? its too adorable. i want one. is it from a site? or a store?

It's from a store in NJ, but it is a real sanrio product so I'm sure it's available at lots of places. It's turned out to be super-useful, we actually use it a lot!

What store in NJ? O:
I live in NJ. What store in NJ? O:
I live in NJ. What store in NJ? O:
I live in NJ. What store in NJ? O:
I live in NJ. <3

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