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my favorite kitchen gadget...

emily helping emily! It's surprising how helpful she can actually be. She started out mostly washing things for me and smooshing cookies, but now she can add ingredients, stir, sort-of measure (if she's carefully directed - she levels the spoon and everything, which cracks me up!) and cut up mushrooms! Which works out well since we eat mushrooms quite a lot and she loves to do it. The only real problem? She eats about half of what she cuts! So I just give her lots extra and am grateful that mushrooms are pretty cheap.

Lovely things people have had to say:

Wow! :) I love when DD helps me with stuff too. She loves to put up the silverware, push the laundry hamper to the washer, and throw away fuzzies she finds on the floor :) Great stuff!!

I love this photo. At first glance both James and I thought it was an adult cutting up bread. But then we noticed the scale of that tiny hand...oh, mushrooms! Emily! Cool!

aaaawwww! That is the sweetest ever! And man am i jealous...i DARE not put any sort of knife into the hands of my little beastie, for it will instantly turn into Excalibur, or a Light Saber! YIKES! hahahah!

Heh heh, I didn't realize this was a child's hand at first and simply thought you had tiny, youthful hands and were recommending some special mushroom knife. :) Anyway, that's adorable that she helps!

And if you like mushrooms, there is a fantastic recipe in the Feb issue of Domino magazine for a shiitake mushroom, tofu and soba noodle soup...I've been recommending it to everyone. :)

Thanks everyone! Yeah, I'm lucky she's good with things like table knives. The only thing she's really dangerous with? WATER. Holy smokes can that child soak the kitchen in moments if I leave the room.

Emily, I'd love to get a copy of that recipe off you if you've scanned or typed it in! Those are all things our Emily loves, so it would probably go over great!

Sarah, I've just e-mailed you the soup recipe using the "write me" link on your site..keep an eye out! I hope your Emily likes it. Anyway, it's definitely soup weather. :)

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