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more rose cupcakes


I didn't make these, they're from the new issue of Family Fun, but aren't they cute? And certainly going to be easier than what I did. Although, after my experience with the sushi cupcakes, I personally don't think I want to deal with fruit roll-ups on anything ever again. Kids would probably love them though.

Lovely things people have had to say:

hmmm... when I was a little kid my Grandma and I rolled gumdrops flat with a rolling pin and bent them into "roses" just like that. You have to touch up the sugar 'cause it comes off a bit, but they are way easier than the fruit roll-ups.

Ooh, and they'd taste so much better too! That's an awesome tip, thanks!

I used your sushi cupcakes, for my daughter's b-day party.Yuck they are so messy to make, but oh so cute.

wooooow - cool!

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