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chivalry is so dead

First, I just have to say -- more belated thanks and hellos to everyone! Doing a two-day convention turned out to be a little beyond the limits of my energy. It's the first time I've really run into the wall of pregnancy-related fatigue and it took me out for days. Whew.

But today's complaint -- I had a regular Dr. appt today, and there was some huge problem that set everyone back by about 2 hours, so there was lots of tired and bored waiting going on. But that's not what was annoying. What was annoying was that most of the time we were waiting, there weren't enough seats. And it was amazing to see able bodied men (and women who weren't patients) studiously looking down at their magazines and newspapers so that they could pretend not to notice hugely pregnant women standing around the edges of the room. At one point there were actually four men sitting, and four pregnant women standing, and not a single one of them offered to give up his seat. (No, Evan wasn't one of them, he stood until there were finally free seats.) At one point an elderly woman stood up and offered her seat to a woman who was practically about to give birth and it still didn't shame any of these people into getting up. It's not just the children of today who aren't learning manners...Grrr!

Lovely things people have had to say:

What a shame. I can't believe people in a Dr.'s waiting room for PREGNANT women would be so f-ing rude.

I'm the kind of pregnant lady who would just go up to someone and ask them for their seat!

I'm sorry the fatigue is getting you! I'm glad it's held off this long though. You really are in the final stretch believe it or not and I can tell you, it's worth it! :)

Don't you just love modern society, complete with its full compliment of morons, numbskulls, and jackasses?

"Oh, I'm going to sit here and read my 'Maxim' because I am too f-ing lazy to crawl off my fat, greasy @$$ and stand! Hur hur!"

People ain't got no friggin' manners no more... we can understand why Hannibal Lecter did what he did... we mean, what else are these rudeniks good for if not for killing, grilling, eating, and telling funny stories about? (Not that we advocate cannibalism or anything... Lord knows where that person has been)

Makes us want to move to some isolated tropical island where there are no people... 'cept we hear chimps ain't got no manners neither...

Oh well...

While I was pregnant I was on the subway one afternoon and saw a woman who literally looked as though she was going to have her baby on the train. People studiously avoided looking at her so they wouldn't have to give up their seats. I was only 5.5 months along, and still feeling pretty spry, so, you guessed it! I got up and gave the other pregnant woman my seat. How sad is that!

I wonder if cities are worse because of the usual mind-your-own-business attitudes (actually, misanthropic attitudes, let's be honest). When we went on vacation, I wasn't even showing that much and everywhere people were holding doors, giving me free dessert (yeah!), and being generally nice. Here, I'm lucky if someone doesn't let a door swing right into my face.

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